Our products are the truest definition of "made in Hawaiʻi". The plants we use to produce the Kapa, along with the dyes, are primarily grown in our Waimānalo garden. A smaller portion are harvested from around the island of ʻOahu from generous friends and neighbors gardens and properties. The Kapa and dyes are then processed initially in Waimānalo and then are brought to our studio in Chinatown.

Our Packaging

Sustainability is one of our core goals here at Pūkoʻa. We try to translate that to every aspect of our business, including our packaging. We primarily ship using USPS packages, but when possible we repurpose other cardboard boxes for shipping. From there, everything found in the package is biodegradable, with many parts coming from our own garden.

Fine Art

Page Chang the artist, has spent the last several years building her Kapa making practice and honing her own skills as a Kapa maker. Her art career began though, with an education in fine art and a passion for oil painting and print making. She has carried this passion throughout her life and continues to practice in these mediums whenever possible. 


All paintings are oils on stretched canvas, canvas on wooden boards, or re-purposed wood crate panels.

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All Kapa pieces have been harvested and traditionally processed into Kapa cloth by the artist. Much of the Wauke has been grown by the artist, as well as the dye plants used for color and design.

Wearable Kapa

Wearable Kapa is our vision for the future of Hawai'is representation in fashion. Our goal with these products is to create modern Hawaiian fashions using traditional Hawaiian practices and materials, connecting our past, present, and future. By doing this, we hope to represent our culture in a beautiful, accessible, and sustainable way.