• Aloha and Welcome

  • To Pūkoʻa Studios
  • Sharing Hawaiian culture through art and design.

Aloha and Welcome

To Pūkoʻa Studios

Sharing Hawaiian culture through art and design.

A Truly Hawaiian Gift

Appropriate for any age, gender, culture, and occasion, Kapa makes the perfect gift. Our products are ethically made, sustainably sourced, and each piece is absolutely unique.

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Hawaiian Kapa

Kapa is the traditional fabric of ancient Hawaiʻi. Our ancestors used the resources of the rich ʻāina surrounding them to create colorful, unique pieces of cloth that reflect the vibrance of our culture.

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The Maiʻa Collection Now Available!

Maiʻa Collection

Wearable Kapa

Wearable Kapa is our vision for the future of Hawai'is representation in fashion. Our goal with these products is to create modern Hawaiian fashions using traditional Hawaiian practices and materials, connecting our past, present, and future. By doing this, we hope to represent our culture in a beautiful, accessible, and sustainable way.

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Kapa Outreach Education Program

A large part of our mission involves ensuring the cultural education of Hawaiʻis future generations. We run kapa education programs at multiple schools across Oʻahu, teaching students from age 7 and up. Through the program they learn to cultivate a native garden, craft traditional tools, and of course make kapa. The program is structured in a way that allows schools to continue independent of us after approximately 2 years. This allows us to bring the experience to more students, schools, and teachers! We have gotten to this point with two schools so far and are continuing to run the program with several others.

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Pūko‘a Farm

Here at Pūkoʻa, we value sustainability and ethicality above all. A key aspect of hawaiian culture is malama aina, to care for the land. All of our recources are locally sourced and harvested. We grow numerous native plants in our mala and are always adding more. We have spent years researching, gathering, cultivating, and maintaining our crops. Great pride is taken in using them to create natural, sustainable products. Learn more about our materials and products here.

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