Kōnane Small Cuff

Kōnane Small Cuff

Pūkoʻa Studios
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Print:  Kōnane

Kōnane is a Hawaii board game like checkers.  Kōnane has become the Hawaiian word for checkerboard, even though the actual Kōnane Board has rows or circles.  Itʻs also the checkered pattern on an I‘e Kuku.

Dominant Dye: Watery Mahogany


Metals are gold plated brass or stainless steel unless otherwise noted.

Kapa is not only Hawai'iʻs ancient, traditional fabric, made from the Wauke tree, but also a sustainable textile made from natural materials. Taking care of it will ensure longevity, but with substantial wear these pieces will begin to degrade and can eventually be composted.

All products sold by Pūkoʻa Studios are one of a kind. They are handcrafted and while pieces may share similarities, no two are identical. If you place an order for an item that has multiple variations pictured, you will receive one of the pictured variations.

All sales final, exchanges available for damaged or faulty items. No guarantee that item received will share all characteristics of original item.