Nalu Ku‘i Textile

Nalu Ku‘i Textile

Pūkoʻa Studios
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Print:  Nalu

Nalu means wave in Hawaiian.  this print represents the many waves on the surface of a choppy ocean, as seen from a canoe on the "outside" as we say.  When you are paddling out in the ocean, the wave patterns are mesmerizing, both large and small, and provide much information if youʻre paying attention!

Dominant Dye:  Fresh ‘Uki‘Uki Berries

‘Uki‘uki is a native plant that has berries that make a vibrant blue thatfades to a silver gray.

Textiles are available as approximately 5” x 11” pieces, displayed in an open 12” x 6” Bamboo shadow box.

Upon purchase you will receive one of the pictured variations.

Pricing for multiple textiles is as follows:

1 for $300/ea

2 for $250/ea with code TEXTILE2 at checkout

3 or more for $200/ea with code TEXTILE3 at checkout

Valid for all Kapa textiles in the Textile Collection.

Most images or designs are also available as digital prints, contact us for details.

Kapa is first and foremost a sustainable textile made from natural materials and colored with natural dyes. Taking care of it will ensure longevity, but with time and exposure to light the colors will eventually begin to fade.